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Impart Special Products (Impart SP) is a brand of Inventis Technology's 'Electronic Control Solutions' Group. We design and manufacture innovative control and safety solutions and specialty after-market products for service, first responder, commercial and recreational vehicles, trailers and boats.

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Control Solutions for any vehicle type

We supply vehicle body builders, boat builders, caravan & trailer builders, as well as owners & operators of commercial & emergency vehicle fleets to create more fully featured, more reliable and safer vehicles. From  after-market device controls, to lighting, audio and siren systems, we're helping to keep you moving.  

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'LiteSabre': the next generation light wand 

LiteSabre isn't 'just another' LED light wand. It delivers as as much as 110% more light while consuming as little as 25% less power, compared to a 28W flurescent light.  Better still, it's more durable, lighter, runs off 24V vehicle power and delivers a more even light, making it the perfect solution for vehicle applications.

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   'LiteSabre' hi-output LED light wand  
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Impart Special Products: Innovative Vehicle Light & Siren Systems, After-Market Devices & Device Control Solutions