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About Us - an overview of Impart Special Products

Impart Special Products (Impart SP) is a brand of  Inventis Technology, which is an Australian electronics design and manufacturing company established in 1985 and based in Sydney.

Impart SP was formed in 1987 and (trading as 'Emergency Light & Sound') specialised in emergency lighting and sound (primarily siren) solutions for emergency services and field service vehicles. Today, our core capability remains the custom engineering and manufacturing of electronic controls, control interfaces and accessories for service vehicles, with our principal customers being Australia's major fire, police, ambulance and corrective services departments; as well as the body builders who we work with to create these specialised vehicles.

If you've heard an emergency vehicle siren approaching through traffic, called on roadside assistance to get your car started, watched a fire crew fighting a blaze, or witnessed a rescue team cut an accident victim from a wrecked vehicle, then you've heard or seen one or more of our products in action.

Today, Impart SP is a leading supplier of control systems and specilaised accessories for Emergency Services/First responder, Field Service and Commercial fleet vehicles, delivering a bespoke service not offered by any other company. With all critical elements designed and manufactured in Australia in our own factory, we continue to work with body builders, fleet owners and fleet operators to ensure they have the right products to keep them moving. 

From manufacturing to our customers' specifications, to assisting with the installation, commissioning and support, we're not just a supplier, but a business partner committed to adding value to our customers' businesses.

So, if your business is involved in designing, building or maintaining commercial or emergency services vehicles, recreational vehicles, caravans, trailers or even boats, then Impart Special Products is a name you should know.

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