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Fire & Emergency Services Vehicles 

Impart's reputation as a supplier of reliable, robust, off-the-shelf and customisable control systems for after-market devices such as lights and sirens is unmatched in the Australian market.


 Ambulance & Patient Transport

Ambulance & Patient Transport Vehicles

We helped set the standard for quality, durability and functionality, and continue to innovate to deliver the solutions that let body builders create world-class products for their customers.


Police & Corrective Services

Police & Corrective Services Vehicles

From light and siren controls, to vehicle intercom systems, we deliver everything from the CAN-Bus interface devices, to the add-on devices. We even build custom consoles and storage solutions. 


Roadside Assist 

Field Service & Roadside Assistance Vehicles

From hand washbasins, to custom designed controls, lighting and safety systems, our engineering and product development staff understand your mobile service vehicle needs.


Truck, Trailer & Delivery Vehicles

Truck, Trailer & Waste Disposal Vehicles 

We deliver everything needed to connect after-market devices, from the CAN-Bus system to the refrigeration control system to the in-cabin lighting and control panels. 


Recreational Vehicles & Motorhomes

Motorhomes & Recreational Vehicles

From the CAN-Bus backbone to custom cabin-mounted control panels; to custom formed housings and storage bins; to LED lighting systems, we're helping body builders deliver complete solutions to their customers.


  Roadside Assist

Miscellaneous Vehicle Applications

Whether you're after a simple after-market device control solution, or a fully integrated CAN-Bus system for multiple devices, we'll help you deliver innovative solutions to your customers.



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