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Lighting Systems

From in-cabin, to work area, to scene lighting systems for commercial and emergency services vehicles, to controls for OEM or after-market vehicle lights, we continue to develop innovative incandescent and LED lighting systems to meet the needs to commercial and emergency services vehicle operators.
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Siren, PA & Intercom Systems

We've been a major developer and supplier of vehicle siren, PA and intercom systems for many years, with our products delivering the features and reliability needed to ensure that operator and occupant safety requirements are exceeded.
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Miscellaneous Accessories

From weatherproof externally mounted clocks and timers, to in-vehicle wash basins and contaminated water collection systems, our metal and plastic fabricating facilities and in-house industrial design capabilities can help deliver the custom systems needed for speciality commercial and emergency services vehicles.
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Rugged In-Vehicle Portable Computers

In-Vehicle Computers

Impart's partner company Opentec Solutions leads the way in Rugged Portable Computers. They've delivered in-vehicle and demountable systems for some of the harshest applications known, including  armoured personnel carriers, offroad patrol vehicles, Navy patrol boats, coastal survey vessels and even quad bikes operating in rural areas. Opentec understands what a rugged vehicle computer is.
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