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Audio & Siren Systems


Vehicle Siren Systems

When you hear an ambulance or fire engine in Australia, there's a good chance it's an Impart SP siren system. In fact, our  emergency services grade siren systems have been benchmark products for more than two decades, featuring high-output horns that deliver exceptional sound penetration outside the vehicle. 

We produce emergency services grade systems for the following vehicle types:

  • Fire Appliances
  • Ambulances
  • Police vehicles
  • S.E.S. vehicles


  • Siren Horns
    Impart sirens have set the standard for durability as well as audio performance for many years, with a range of materials available, depending on where the siren is mounted (exposed, concealed, etc).
  • Siren Tone Generators
    Standard tones are supplied based on fleet owner requirements, with  custom tones available, depending on vehicle application.

Key features:

  • Analogue switch-style operation, or CAN-Bus controlled systems
  • Complete siren horn, siren tone generator and control solutions
  • Directional or Omni-directional siren horns 
  • High outputs, up to 200Watt
  • Standard or custom siren tones
  • Outdoor rated for extended durability
  • Available with otr without radio re-braodcast feature 

Vehicle PA (Public Address) Systems 


When you need to be heard, we deliver the PA systems that'll get your message across! Whether for emergency services or general field service applications, we've been delivering vehicle audio systems for more than two decades.

These custom built units were developed for Police and Emergency groups but are suitable for any application where vehicles are engaged in crowd control or emergency management events.

Key features:

  • live-voice-over-PA
  • prerecorded-voice-over-PA
  • radio-rebroadcast-over-PA 

Vehicle Intercom Systems 


Suitable for any vehicle where passengers are separated from the driver and the passengers need to communicate in a duress or emergency situation (eg a passenger transport or prisoner transport vehicle), these systems are robust and reliable.

These custom built units were developed for use in Corrective Services prisoner transport vehicles to aid monitoring and safety of secure passengers.

Products include:

  • driver command terminals
  • passenger push-to-talk terminals

Impart SP Range

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