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CAN-Bus Control Systems

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CAN-Bus connectivity systems reduce the time and cost of cabling up after-market devices such as vehicles sirens, lights and pumps. Whether for emergency or field service vehicles, or even trailers, caravans, recreational vehicles  and boats, we can help  add features, improve reliability, and enhance operator safety with these 'smart' digital cabling systems.

Key features:

  • Programmable mutli-port input & output modules
  • Programmable Master Control Unit with central control logic function
  • IP67 sealed I/O modules can be located in-cabin or externally, where required
  • Custom analogue, digital or touchscreen control interfaces to suit

Pump/Compressor Motor Controls

We're part of a group that has more than twenty years experience creating HVAC (Heating, Ventilation And Cooling) solutions. We've created solutions for a diverse range of mobile systems, including control boards for refrigerated  containers, refrigerated vans and boat AC systems.

Key features:

  • Custom designed solutions
  • Complete solutions, comprising motor control boards and user interfaces 

Electric Motor Soft Starters

From electric motor starters that progressively ramp a motor up to full speed (eg automatic hose retractor on fire appliances), to soft starters for refrigeration compressors, we can supply stand-alone devices or integrated systems for a wide range of applications.

Products include: 

  • Hose reel rewind motor starters 
  • Phase split capacitor (PSC) motor soft starters

Key features:

  • High reliability, low cost 
  • Random restart timer feature avoids multiple motors restarting simultaneously after a brown out/black out 

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