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Control Interfaces


Multi-function Analogue Switch Panels 


We're recognised by emergency services groups and field service groups (eg roadside assistance providers) around the country as the leader in the design and supply of customised switch-style control panels.

Whether you just need a control panels comprised of push, tact, toggle, or display switches, or a hybrid panel comprising switches and status indicators, and even smart LCD readouts, our engineers can create a solution to meet any application.

Whether for in-cabin or external use, and whether for ground or maritime applications, we'll deliver a control interface to meet your needs

Key features:

  • Custom design
  • Any combination of momentary, latched (etc) switch types
  • Custom LED displays
  • Unlit or back lit fascias 

Touchscreen Controls 

We've been supplying touchscreen interfaces to industrial and commercial customers for more than a decade, so when it comes to creating a menu-driven touch interface for your mobile application, we've got the experience you need to create the right custom solution for you.

Key features:

  • Custom designed menu-driven interfaces
  • Monochrome or colour displays
  • Interface to existing or new control systems

Impart SP Range

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