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Control Electronics

Behind every control panel there's a PCB control board, or a CAN-Bus system, or an electronics sub-assembly that controls the function of any attached devices, as well as impart any 'smart' control functions such as safety interlock features, to the operation of those devices. From compressor control boards and electric motor soft starters, to CAN-Bus systems, we deliver the outcomes you need from your vehicle.
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Control Interfaces

From simple analogue switch panels, to multi-function digital controls, to touchscreen interfaces, we supply control interfaces for emergency and corrective services, commercial service and general purpose commercial vehicles. But we also create controls for recreational vehicles, including caravans and boats. 
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Monitoring & Safety Systems

Impart's durable, reliable commercial grade gauges and safety indicators are suitable for a wide range of applications. From monitoring foam levels or ladder positions on fire appliances, or battery charge levels in field service vehicles, we're helping you keep an eye on things.
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Electrical Power Management Systems

Whether you need DC to AC converters, 24V to 12V converters, vehicle battery charge status monitors or in-vehicle battery chargers for portable radios, we'll deliver customised solutions you simply won't find off the shelf anywhere else.
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Engine Power Management Systems

Whether converting voltages, charging portable device batteries, or maintaining engine revolutions to drive anciliary devices, our experience in delivering reliable vehicle-based power management solutions for after-market devices spans more than twenty years.
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