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Engne Speed/Power Governors 

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When power to external devices such as hydraulics is required, and precision control is needed, we've established a reputation for both precision AND reliability.

Primarily for emergency services vehicles, such as those equipped with 'The Jaws of Life', our governors are simple to operate and ensure accurate control of a vehicle's engine to ensure ir delivers the power required to drive your mission critical accessories.

Key features:

  • control of engine output either as revolutions/minute (measured by the vehicle's  tachometer) or hydraulic pressure output (measured by pressure sensors)
  • Very reliable, delivering high service availability rates
  • Very precise, able to manage power outputs to critical devices
  • Locally designed and serviced 

Motor Idle Speed Hold 


When a simple engine idle speed holder is requried to ensure engines don't stall when other auxiliary devices are drawing power, our Idle Speed Hold controls offer a simpler, lower cost solution. They automatically ensure minimal engine idle speed (ie rpm) is maintained to drive the vehicle's alternator, air conditioning, or any other devices that draw current and may cause engine idle speed to reduce as laod is placed on the alternator, inducing an engine stall. 

Key features:

  • Very precise, able to manage power outputs to critical devices
  • Locally designed and serviced

Impart SP Range

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