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Lighting Systems


Light Mast Halogen Scene Lighting

Originally developed for use in emergency services applications, our adjustable, boom-mounted, halogen LightMast lighting system is light weight, weatherproof and highly durable.

Its tilt-able boom provides a strong, even light via twin high-output halogen lights. Boom lengths and light output can be customised to suit specific needs.

LiteSabre LED Work Light Wand

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'LiteSabre' is the next generation in LED light wands. It's a lightweight, weatherproof solution that produces a consistent, bright white light, as well as offers the improved durability and lower power consumption of LED lighting.

What sets LiteSabre apart is that it produces more light than  other LED or fluro light wands, with 200 Lumens available at 6 Watts (versus 180 Lumens at 26 Watts for a fluro tube) and up to 400 Lumens at 13 Watts (simply not available from a single fluro tube light wand). Available in 24VDC models for service vehicles, but coming soon as a 12VDC product.

Blinker Load Simulator (BLS) Module

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When the incandescent globes in blinkers (turn signals) are replaced with LED assemblies, the result may be that the 'ticker can' or CAN-Bus control system sees the lower electrical load as a fault and causes the indicators to tick too fast.

The BLS module simulates the correct electrical load, though still allows a faulty LED assembly to be seen by the system as faulty.

Blinker Alternater Module


Designed for general purpose field service as well as emergency services vehicles, the Blinker Alternater Module makes a vehicle's blinkers (turn signal indicators) flash alternately (ie left then right), unlike the standard HAZARD flash pattern, which is all blinkers flashing synchronously.

This device is supplied as a simple module that wires into the blinker circuit and is activated by a dash-mounted switch (stand alone or integrated into a multi-switch panel).

Headlights Auto-On Module

This device automatically switches on a vehicle's headlights  when the engine is running. It by-passes the vehicle's  original headlight-on function and is designed for emergency or field service vehicles where this safety feature is required.

This device is supplied as a simple module that wires into the light circuit and is activated automatically when the vehicle's engine is started.

Impart SP Range

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