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Monitoring & Safety Systems


Digital Gauges & Status Indicators


From simple LED displays monitoring the functions of a single device (eg its temperature), to multi-function status panels for monitoring the position of devices such as boom ladders and the water or foam levels in a tank, our products are already in use on thousands of vehicles in Australia, ensuring reliable, safe operation..

Products include:

  • Voltage & amperage gauges
  • Oil pressure gauges
  • Auxiliary engine temperature gauges
  • Engine revolution gauges
  • Vehicle speed gauges
  • Fuel, water & foam level indicators
  • Flow rate indicators

 Key features:

  • In cabin or externally mounted panels
  • Custom analogue, digital or touchscreen control interfaces to suit any application

Warning Systems & Alarms

From simple warning buzzers to advise that a vehicle's handbrake needs to be on before an auxiliary device can be activated, to devices that sound alarms when there is a critical status change or a fault condition imminent, we'll engineer a solution that meets your needs.

Products include:

  • Wind speed warning alarms
  • Handbrake OFF alarms
  • Door and Locker door/lid OPEN alarms
  • Auxiliary reversing buzzers 

Key features:

  • Simple, reliable solutions that deliver warnings that can be more easily seen or heard

Data Loggers

Whether for vehicle maintenance applications or for recording critical device operations for review and training, we deliver solid state logging devices to keep track of device operations.

Key features:

  • Custom solutions to meet any need

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