New Product Releases

  'Lite Sabre' LED Light Wand 


'Lite Sabre' delivers the even blue-white light of a fluro light wand, yet delivers the improved durability and lower power consumption of an LED system. What sets Lite Sabre apart is that it delivers more light than any fluro or LED light wand on the market.

  'BLS' LED Blinker Load Simulator 


The 'BLS' is designed for use with LED turn indicators (blinkers), where they have been retrofitted to replace standard incandescent globes. The BLS not only simulates the electrical load so that the ticker control system works properly, it also monitors LED function and reports any faults, whether the control system is a standard 'ticker can' or a CAN-Bus type system. This makes the BLS unit unique on the market, and fully compliant with Australian Design Rules for 'turn signal tell-tale systems'.

  'iCAN' CAN-Bus Control System 


The iCAN System is a CAN-Bus connectivty solution that allows after-market devices such as sensors, limit switches, lights and sirens to be networked, and to have 'smart' control functionality and safety features added to teh system. What sets it apart is it's highly modular and flexible architecture, and the resulting cost reductions for installers.

  Engine Govenor Control System



Designed to control engine revolutions, or engine power output, the newly released Engine Governor delivers a world class control solution for fire appliances and other emergency vehicles where reliable, accurate control of engine output is required in order to power ancillary devices such as fire hose pumps, or rescuce equipment.





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